The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) was established as an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in 1989. NIOS mainly caters to the educational needs of the out of school children. NIOS provides opportunities for continuing education to those who have missed the opportunity to complete school and developmental education through courses and programmes of general, life enrichment and vocational education from primary to pre-degree level. It is the largest schooling system in the world. However, the concept of open schooling has changed considerably in the last few years. The system is becoming more sensitive to the occupational and life related needs of learners.Today the focus of the National Institute of Open Schooling covers right from the elementary education to courses at the predegree level, both academic and vocational. NIOS has shown a steady growth in student enrolment, number of courses and study centres.

NIOS is also gearing up for making a significant contribution in India’s efforts for Universal Elementary Education by stressing on it foundation courses and linking up with Non-formal Education and Alternative Schooling system operating in the country. It uses new technologies for training and teaching purpose mainly to increase access and ensure quality.

It operates through a network of ten Regional Centres and about two thousand Accredited Institutions (Study Centers) in India, Nepal, Middle East, Canada and USA.NIOS also acts as a National Board of Examinations in Open Schooling. NIOS conducts its own examinations and awards certificates.

The distinctive features of NIOS are:

1   No Age Limit - There is no lower/upper age limit for Registration of NIOS Examination. However NIOS will not be responsible for Non-Admission to other institutions of higher education on account of the age mentioned in the certificates granted by NIOS

2   Flexibility in the choice of subjects - You can choose any subject combination (Min. 5 subjects) that you want to study from among the subjects offered. However one language (English) is compulsory.

NIOS offer the following courses

Secondary Education equivalent to Grade X
Eligibility : The Candidate should pass the VIIIth grade.
Medium : English and Malayalam

Senior Secondary Education equivalent to Grade XII
Eligibility: A candidate, who passed SCC or equivalent examination.
Medium: English

Subject List For Secondary & Senior Secondary Education[English Medium]

Secondary Education (Class Xth)
Senior Secondary Education (Class XIIth)
code Subject Name Code Subject Name
202 English (Compulsory Subject) 302 English (Compulsory Subject)
213 Social Science 318 Economics
214 Economics 319 Commerce
215 Business Studies 320 Accountancy
216 Home Science 321 Home Science
219 Word Processing 328 Psychology
222 Psychology 327 Word Processing
330 Computer Science

Subject List For Secondary Education [Malayalam Medium]

Secondary Education (Class Xth)


Subject Name






Science and Technology


Social Science


Business Studies


Word Processing

Group Order for Secondary & Senior Secondary Education

Secondary Education (Class Xth)
Group 1
English(202), Economics (214), Business Studies (215), Home Science (216), Word Processing (219)
Group 2

English(202), Economics (214), Business Studies (215), Psychology (222), Word Processing (219)

Group 3

English(202), Economics (214), Business Studies (215), Social Science(213), Word Processing (219)

Senior Secondary Education (Class XIIth)
Group 1

English (302), Commerce (319), Economics (318), Computer Science (330), Word Processing(327)

Group 2

English (302), Commerce (319), Economics (318), Home Science(321),Word Processing(327)

Group 3

English (302), Commerce (319), Economics (318), Psychology(328), Word Processing(327)

Group 4

English (302), Commerce (319), Economics (318), Accountancy(320), Word Processing(327)


In case of additional subject i.e 6th subject, students can take : Home Science(321), Psychology (328), Accountancy (320), Computer Science (330).

The Courses include